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My  name is Samaria’ Nesbitt but I prefer to be called “Mari”. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan where I first discover my love for the modeling world. As a child I went on numerous auditions and did a few photo shoots. The photographers told me at age 5 that I was a natural.

I moved to California almost four years ago in an effort to pursue my modeling career. I was blessed enough to be spotted right away by Abe Nasser a worldwide producer of international fashion shows. I walked for the infamous Bulgarian designer Diana Choklakova and the amazing Shonta Jones of ShastaMoore designs in Las Vegas at age 16. My modeling career took off from there and I have had the opportunity to walk for many talented designers and shoot with some of the most experienced and professional photographers around the globe. I have graced the stages at New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week.

My love of fashion and beauty lead me to want to create something that most women love and with that Pop Lashes by Mari was born in April of 2018 soon after my 18th birthday. My lash line was created with all women in mind. Women who just want to add a bit of spice to their daily lives, those strutting runways or shooting for couture designers.

Pop lashes became an overnight success and women across the globe are wearing these fabulous lashes. Pop lashes stand out in a crowd. They are 3D 100% handmade mink lashes that are lightweight and easy to wear. They are cruelty free and lasts up to 30 wears saving you a ton of money on buying new lashes after each wear as you do with regular drug store lashes.

I was inspired to live out my dreams by many people including my mom who is a two time cancer survivor yet she never stops working and fulfilling her dreams. She taught me how hard work can pay off. I’m also inspired by the beautiful Rihanna and the fabulous Kylie Jenner. I also follow a number of creative and talented artists including Kim Kimble Beyoncé’s hair stylist, Tokyo Stylez and Erica La Pearl who does hair and makeup for Cardi B.I also love Jeffrey Star and James Charles they have taken makeup to the next level.

Besides being a model, artist, makeup and hair stylist ,in my spare time I like to just relax. I like to shop and try out new trends of all kinds. I try to mix up colors and patterns although I tend to wear a ton of black. It is just classic look for any wardrobe. I love to eat sushi and I absolutely love animals especially dogs.

I look forward to all my future endeavors and hope to continue on a successful journey.

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