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Vince Buscaglia, born in Chicago, is an American musician who began his music career playing saxophone with a local band in 1991, shortly before entering the U.S. Marine Corps. Upon returning from service in 1996, and switching to vocals and rhythm guitar, his band “Four Letter Story” spent 4 ½ years playing shows around the Greater Chicago Area. As the local favorite, they recorded with three record labels while splitting the bill with international touring acts such as Collective Soul and Usher. Nearly a decade after his first album with Four Letter Story, Vince broke through as an independent recording artist upon being recognized by renowned producers Cary Butler and Adam Berry (2003). While maintaining his cross-genre musical spirit, Vince tuned it down to focus on family and then a newborn son. He continued to be approached by big music industry producers, including representatives from Warner Brothers Entertainment, but remained low-key until recording two singles with producer Dwayne Nettlesby and engineer Lisa Harris (2012). Blending elements of acoustic, new wave, gospel, and R&B, Vince describes his style as “Alternative Soul.” He is currently signed with Eddina Holland (E.C.E. Music Group). Vince’s newest journey will lead to the production of his new album “Dreams Don’t Expire”. Major themes of his new album include reaching communion with truth and bringing that light into the world. He says, “Music for me is everything I’ve ever wanted to say that I couldn’t say in words.” An accomplished musician, it has always been the vulnerability in his work that has brought its strength.

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Vince Buscaglia
Retrowave 2016
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