Livio Harris has been in the music business for over 26 years starting out in 1990 as an Artist in a group called 4-Sure, who was signed to Uptown Records; a label that at the time, Diddy was interning. Uptown also had Mary J.Blige, Jodeci, Father Mc, Heavy D, to name a few.  Livio went on to discover, manage, and produce Adina Howard who had the hit single “Freak like Me” in 1994. Adina went on to sell 2 million records and is still a household name to date. He is also responsible with the help of Max Gousse for expanding his career beyond just music, Max introduced him to the world of Film & T.V. Livio held the position of Executive V.P. of Notting Hill Music publishing and was with the company from November 1995 – 2016 (21 years) while also managing his own Artists, Actors, and consulting for various other business in Entertainment.

His personal clients now include Rapper/Actor Jonathan McDaniel a.k.a. “J” whom he’s managed for over 17 years; which is rare in this business. J is also the star of VH1’s hit T.V. Show “HIT THE FLOOR, Lil J has been recording both an American style project, as well as his international style project, which consists of International Dance and Pop songs. Livio also manages Singer/Actress, Shanica Knowles, who plays guitar and is compared to a female Bruno Mars / urban Taylor Swift. Shanica also stars on the #1 Disney show Hannah Montana. Livio Harris manages producers, songwriters, and consults for various labels etc.

Livio has held down the position of executive V.P. of Notting Hill for over 21 years and is responsible for bringing the company from London to the U.S., by finding and delivering new producers and writers to Notting Hill for publishing deals. Within the 5 years of Notting Hill being in the U.S., Livio is credited for over 60% of their catalog, which includes: Will Smith, Pussy Cat Dolls, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Eminem, Outcast, Nelly, Michael Jackson, DJ Khaled, to name a few. Gaining experience from helping to build Notting Hill Music from a small company to one of the Top 20 Independent companies in the US, Livio’s new goal now is to put the same energy that helped build Notting Hill, into building his own publishing company bringing with him, his 21 years of experience in the publishing world.