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Brilliant Emerging Young Actor: Dalon J. Holland

Get to know this young man! His remarkable talent has been landing him special appearances in popular television shows like Being Mary JaneThe Get Down, and Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger. Dalon J. Holland is an up-and-coming actor pursuing his dreams and taking the world by storm. Here’s what Dalon had to say about his career and future aspirations in the entertainment industry.

1. What training or experience helps to bolster your career in acting/ Who are your mentors?

DJH: I’ve learned in various places over the years with different people, but currently I’m training with Choice Skinner (actor/director/writer). I’ve been in his class for most of my time in Los Angeles and it has been the most helpful. Watching friends, random actors/actresses, and tv definitely helps the learning process as well.

2. Who would you like to work with? (Actors, Actresses or Directors) Name 3.

DJH: There are so many different people!! I’d like to work with Joss Whedon as a director. When it comes to acting, I’m not sure where to use the other two choices!! Lol. It seems like it would be awesome to work with “The Rock”, and the other choice is Denzel Washington.

3. What was your favorite film or television show from your childhood?

DJH: I have a huge problem with picking favorites, especially when it’s just one. I’ve always been a huge Batman fan! From childhood, I’d have to say Batman The Animated Series! Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill are the voices I hear when I read comics to this day.

4. Describe an eye-opening experience onset (one that shocked you).

I definitely went wide-eyed when I found out about a scene in Being Mary Jane, where Aidan gets caught in the bathroom… I knew of my other scenes prior, but found out about that one on set!! It definitely caused a bit of a shock and a laugh! They made sure I was comfortable and it was professional on set. I could barely stop laughing at the character’s situation to shoot the scene. I was the butt of the joke for a bit that day! Lol…Sorry, the pun was sitting right there.

5. After your acting appearances in  Being Mary JaneThe Get Down, and Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger…What’s next?

DJH: Working on another awesome set! I’m not quite sure what that set is going to be but, there’s more in the future. I’m going to keep the ball rolling and continue building my career. I’d like to play around in the comic, sci-fi realm more for sure. I stay active with short films and short social media postings.

6. You are originally from Detroit (Midwest) and moved to Los Angeles. What advice would you give actors trying to make it in the acting field today?

DJH: Pursue it if you love it, and if you love it never give up. It definitely takes patience and tough skin! In time you will see that it pays off.

7. Finish these sentences… for the James Lipton method.

A. Acting is when …..

the stories we tell or read are brought to life in front of us. It is being capable of taking people on a journey by portraying someone other than yourself.
B. The future of cinema and television looks like….

something I will be involved in. A dream of mine that is becoming a reality.
C. I am at my best when……..

I am improving my best.

For more info check Dalon out on Dalon J. Holland IMDB