As an Artist, my perspective of the music business has been quite uncomfortable. As much talent, music and creativity that’s locked up inside of me, and others we desire execution but can’t because of limited assistance and guidance here in Detroit. Artists are struggling, being robbed of their gifts and talents and have to fend for themselves. Very few artists have attained longevity and success with their music career and have to grind harder than desired to see results. Social media have shut down and decreased business at some labels, and Integrity has been lost due to associations and ones love for money. Many celebrities have lost their good name even their lives because they no longer want to protect the names and associations of companies that have wronged and destroyed the lives and reputations of so many people.

On the other end, there’s a gleam of light . The light that gives all of us starving artists’ hope. The light that promised us that¬† our gifts will make room for us! The hope that keeps us searching , trying and believing. The fire in us to execute, sing, dance and perform continues to burn and so we keep living, applying, hoping, praying and trusting that in spite of the injustices that have been done to most of us all, we will have a universal platform to share our gifts of gold with the world. The desire to enlighten, Enrich, to inspire, empower and liberate the hearts and souls of many. This is my passion. My perspective and purpose. Selah

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