My Biography

Kareem Grimes

In order to succeed we must first believe that we can.

-Michael Korda

Actor Kareem Grimes has not only believed that he would be a success in life, he is a living testament to that school of thought. The Los Angeles native has had his sights set on gracing the silver screen since the age of nine and has never once looked back. As a child he would watch the popular television show Different Strokes and convinced himself that he could play the role that Gary Coleman so eloquently coveted. Kareem’s natural comedic timing and innate ability to entertain made that goal not in the least bit farfetched. Nicknamed “Baby Flip” for his questionable resemblance to super comic Flip Wilson, the budding thespian would pretend as if he was Flip’s character “Geraldine” to the delight of anyone who would listen. “I was always that kid who pop-locked at the party, always showboating. I loved the attention and pretending to be someone that I wasn’t,” he maintains. Little did he know that during those same impromptu sessions, he was building a foundation that would later prepare him for his foray into a world of cattle calls, agents, unions, and the usual barrage of auditions.

By the time he was a teenager, he was well versed on the in’s and out’s of the business; displaying professionalism, passion, and dedication to his craft. Things really started to roll, John Singleton gave him his first speaking roll in Boyz N The Hood ( Ice Cream Truck kid) . Though just playing a bit part, he delivered such an impressive performance that folks began to take notice and he soon found himself rubbing elbows with some industry heavyweights. His passion for acting and faith in God slowly brought him out of the trenches to landing plum roles in television shows, TV (SWAT ,Unsolved Biggie & Tupac Murders, Star, NCIS, C.S.I, Love by the 10th Date , A Recurring role on The Shield & Justifiyed etc.) commercials (Pizza Hut, Subway, Coors Light,24 Hour Fitness, Bud Light), theater Love’s Holiday, Purple Stuff TV Web Comedy Sketch Show), and feature films (The Mule ,Jarhead, Baby Boy, The Preachers Son, Too Legit To Quit The MC Hammer Story, Legendary ). “You’ve got to know that you want this. You got to eat, sleep, and live it. It’s not just something that’s part time for me, it’s an everyday thing. Like I always say to my friends-treat your career like it’s a bank account, if you deposit into your career, your returns will be great,” Kareem Grimes