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Kaliyah is a 16 Year old Artist and Actress who is about to release her second Album on VSJ Productions Film & Music. Kaliyah is an Artist with an old soul. Her drive in Music and Film is years beyond her 16 years here on Earth. VSJ Productions is looking forward to an opportunity from a Major Label to join forces with them to continue to push Kaliyah out around the World in both Music and Film .

Kaliyah released her debut Album in 2017 entitled “ I’M HERE NOW “ at the age of 14 years old. Along with 3 Music Videos from that Album. The videos released was for the songs (FLY HIGH, PLAYING IN THE RAIN & BORN IN 02). Kaliyah has since finished her second Album entitled “ COMING OF AGE “. The Album is ready for release now. VSJ Productions will be releasing a few Singles from the Album first to get the World excited about her New Album. One of the Singles is a Dance track entitled “ READY 4 TONIGHT “. The next release is the Single entitled “ U FEELING ME “. You can also catch Kaliyah as one of the Star’s of the New TV Show on Amazon Prime entitled “ THE AMERICAN FAMILY DREAMER “. Kaliyah was discovered when she was only 12 years old by Platinum Music Producer and Award winning Filmmaker Stephen “Stix” Josey who is also the CEO of VSJ Productions Film & Music. He knew that once he heard Kaliyah sing her first note to him that she was ready for the journey with VSJ Productions Film & Music. Here are some of the links to her very first Album as well as some of the links to hear new Songs from her new Album. As well as the link to the New TV Show “ THE AMERICAN FAMILY DREAMERS “. Enjoy this amazing 16 year old Artist.

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Minimatica 2016
Retrowave 2016
Electronica 2014