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TY WHITTINGTON is an Award Winning  Screenwriter, director, and producer.  Ty is a very passionate,  ambitious and visionary filmmaker.  She loves to create and tell intriguing stories in a wide variety of mediums.  She thrives on the challenge of a new opportunity, optimistic to any idea, and will investigate to seek its full potential.
Ty’s directorial work includes the Award Winning and Nominated short film, Parker & Angel,  Divine Decree and LaLa Land which is the remake of the book Girl Interrupted, best-selling 1993 memoir by American author Susanna Kaysen. She began her career as a drama instructor. She developed an arts program for  St. Josephs Catholic School in Goshen, NY.  Ty taught drama to kids K-5 and showcased yearly stage productions for the school and community.   Ty later went on to managed her son,  who landed the lead role as Young Simba, in  Disney’s Theatrical National Lion King Tour.    After touring with Disney for two years Ty relocating to Los Angeles in  2010.
Love for filmmaking inspired Ty to start her own independent production company, BossChics Films. Ty developed and filmed numerous music videos, web shows and short films. 

Currently, Ty lives between Thailand and Los Angeles while in post-production for her short-film Amphibious which she is actively seeking investors to help develop the project into a blockbuster feature.


Ty Whittington is a director, writer & producer
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