Stephen grew up in Boston as a young child; at age six he met a drummer at the Boston Commons who offered him the opportunity to experiment with drums. That led to his swift decision to select music as his career path. At the age of 14 he was a drummer on a gospel album, which was his introduction into the entertainment industry. Stephen also went on to attend Saddleback Film School in California, simultaneously taught himself how to play the piano and make his own original music. As a result he has produced, recorded and engineered over 50 albums after getting signed to Sony Records as an in-house Music Producer. As you know producers come, and producers go, and there are those producers that set the trends and solidify themselves in the industry and this is who Stix.

Stix is a Producer/Actor/Writer and Director that is the embodiment of humility while also being an excellent team player. Stix is a wonderful talent to collaborate with and possesses a business acumen that melds well with Film/TV executives, business executives and record label executives. Stix has been able to build and maintain these relationships domestically and internationally. Stix began his professional music career with Sony Records producing for the likes of Mobb Deep, John Legend, Wu-Tang and several others. Stix has aligned himself with feature films and birthed Stix productions. The Company specializes in Film & Music, and also has created several feature films. The first film is called “Angels Around Me”, it was written by Stephen “Stix” Josey. The Film gained notoriety and was entered in the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival in 2012. The movie went on to win an award for “Best new director”; Stephen has also produced (The Hills, Gangland, Who’s on My Side, Temporary File).

Amongst his other accolades he is an exemplary well rounded actor. Stix will release new films through his production company in the near future, “The Regiment” presented to you by TTS Pictures and “Its A Dirty Game” is in the works. Stix created and starred on a reality TV Show called “Adrenaline Rush”. This show starred Ron Dixon a former NFL Star who played for The New York Giants. Stix also has produced several TV shows for PBS/Central Florida. One of the shows stars Michael Winslow, better known for his roles in the Police Academy franchise. Stix produced another TV Show with Renny Roker that aired on PBS back in August of 2008, it showcased teens educational and athletic strengths, the show is called “From Tee to Degree”. Stix also was a programmer for PBS in Central Florida for 3 years (06’-09’). From these successes it allowed him to maneuver from music to film which is his primary focus.

Stix looks forward to distributing feature films, music and television shows that the
world will adore for many years to come. It is a sure bet to say that Stix is here for the
long haul setting entrepreneurial trends for today, tomorrow and the future.


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