Just outside the city of Detroit, in the small town of Inkster, Criag T. Erquhart emerged. In these crime confined streets he learned early on that using his inherited passion for music would be the key to a future foreseen by his father. Known to friends and fans as SeeJai, Craig knew exactly what he wanted to do. As with many young talents, it all started from the first pew in Church. When little SeeJai started to sing his family immediately took notice. Soon, starry-eyed and filled with inexperience he was up in front of the church crowd on Sundays. Although rather youthful, “he possessed a sense of musical maturity well beyond his years.”

Those countless Sundays enabled him to give birth to a singing style casually defined as “Old School Soul.” SeeJai delivers an alternative swing with a smooth, sexy swagger. When asked what sets him apart from other musicians he stated, “I make music for the people, good vibrations come along with the music.” Racking up unlimited performance time has injected his veins with a stage presence that would intrigue the blind. Exuding confidence within his vocal ability alongside an impressive library of music, Seejai is destined for global impaction. He has already begun his trek to the top; his song “The Nite” was featured on the CW’s hit show The Game and his songs “Dreamin,” “The Nite,” “Popcorn Love,” and Outta My Head” are all currently being played on the Internet radio stations in the U.S. and abroad. His upcoming album Planet 3000 is scheduled to drop in the upcoming months.


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