Looking at me, you wouldn’t believe that I’m a 20-something-year vet as a DJ. Starting at the age of 5, my love of music began with a huge record collection that my father, an ex-drummer, started for me when I was only 2 years old. From Kindergarten to now, the love of music only grew bigger. As a teenager, I kept my passion for music by becoming a DJ for a rap group, and was often seen bangin on tables during lunchtime as my peers freestyled or battled in the lunchroom. I took those beat skills and learned how to use a drum machine to make my own tracks (just as dope as what I heard on the radio). My popularity began to spread among the high school students at Finney High, where I was often hired as the DJ for the house parties. While in high school, I took a radio class at Golightly Career & Technical Center to learn all about radio and earned an internship in WJLB’s promotions department. Impressed with my editing skills, then program director Steve Hegwood brought me in months later to become a producer for the evening show. I knew that being at JLB was a once-in-a-lifetime deal, so learned all I could (I’m a fast learner!). I was producer of evening, then afternoon shows, a mix-show DJ, a production assistant (where I made commercials), and an on-air personality. While at WJLB, I stayed in tune with the Hip Hop community and was respected by nearly every rapper & DJ in the city. I quickly became friends with individuals who frequented the Hip Hop Shop during the mid to late 90’s. By 1999, I became the DJ for monster group D12 (Shady/Interscope Records). In between all this, I moonlighted as a coordinator for Penmp Entertainment, one of Detroit’s premiere promotions & marketing companies, headed by Rapper/Marketing wonder,T Da Pimp. I became the technical producer WJLB’s morning show, where I had a segment every Wednesday and Thursday called “DDT’s New Music Report”. I then became the station’s Local Music Coordinator and host “Whats Next on the Menu” every Saturday, bringing unsigned Detroit artists to the airwaves while moonlighting as the DJ for Mr. Porter (D12/Mr. Porter Productions/Runyon Ave Records). I’ve been a part of music production for several artists including D12, Snoop Dogg (Doggy Style/Geffen), Pharoahe Monch (SRC/Universal),The Game (Geffen), P.H.E.A.R. (Runyon Ave Records), Nissa and Shard among others. You can also hear my music production on TV and radio commercials. Nowadays, I am the president of The Administration Production Team and recording/mixing engineer at Mix Factory One. I am one-fourth of the Creative Notez production team. I am a proud member of the illustrious Vatican DJs, the Conglomerate DJs and the Sniper Squad DJs.


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