David Mims

David Mims is the media marketing / director for Plug My Music, and the Host producer of Reality Variety TV Radio Show kNOw 2 NO.  Det2LA M.I.M.S. are brands know over 25 years by David Mims, which are national sports and entertainment consulting companies that provides marketing, scouting-recruiting, sports training and concierge services. Muscles In Motion Systems, Make It Mean Something with Detroit 2 Los Angeles is based in Detroit and Los Angeles.  Det2LA M.I.M.S. markets during major entertainment and sports events that include: all-star sports weekends, premieres, film festivals, concerts, comedy shows, award shows, fashion shows, conferences, and more.

Detroit 2 Los Angeles was established in 1997, with David Mims who is a Detroiter that lived in Los Angeles since 1988. Det2LA began producing comedy shows in Detroit and Los Angeles. Det2LA M.I.M.S. specializes in media relations, internet marketing, tv-film production, and multi-media. Concierge services include: relocation, housing, travel, domestic arrangements, personal assistants, spa services and complete entertainment packages. We have affiliates nationwide in metropolitan cities that include: Detroit. Los Angeles, NorCAL, LV., PHX. ATL., CHI., DC, NY., NJ, TX, FL and more.

The expertise includes: casting, publicity, promotions, film festival submission, marketing, security, securing investment and complete production.


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