Chadd Michael

Performing since the age of 7, Chadd Michael knew at an early age that not only was he born to sing, but he hadd been called to deliver a message in his music.Growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles CA, Chadd started to shine and make waves in music, television and live performances by landing roles in commercials, plays, talent shows and church events. Audiences worldwide have experienced Chadd Michael’s Live Events.  With the poise and professionalism of a music industry veteran, Chadd connects with his audience in a way that has to be witnessed to believe.  Every show is different and not an ounce of showmanship is left in his body when his set ends.  When Chadd Michael comes to a city near you, it is not just a “must see” it is a “cant miss”.

At a young age, Chadd made a vow to use his influence resources, and talents to make a difference in the world through his work.  Every song has a message. Every show is for the entire family. And every waking moment is spent working to achieve the aforementioned goal.  Mainstream music has caught on to this as well, which makes him an in demand performer not only with audiences, but top name musical acts worldwide.  He landed a song on the HBO hit series the The Sopranos in which he scored an Emmy Nomination for his contribution.

He now resides in San Diego CA, where he writes and records for himself and a myriad of other artists. He founded his own Company, The Lite Entertainment Group, which parents a film production company (Filmlite Entertainment) a Record Label (Musiclite Entertainment) and a live entertainment company ( StageLite Entertainment). This year, all three companies will be put to the test as he releases his debut album along with an accompanying documentary and concert.
He’s armed with 4 octaves, a knowledge and feel for music unlike anyone else, and a host of experience and determination. Is it Chadd’s time?

Don’t depend on him to wait around and find out. He’s gonna take it either way!


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